Little bit about the race….

The Llantwit Major 5K & 10K is a mainly off road run along the Welsh Coastal Path. The race was created in 2015 to honour the memory of David Synan from Llantwit Major, who had a big passion for running. The course is a trail run along the welsh coastal path with a few different trail terrains (grass, rocky, muddy), with the final 1.5 mile being on the road through llantwit major, for those who like people cheering you on during a race! There are two big hills involved, one steep short hill at the beginning of the race and one around 2 miles in which a longer less steep incline. Both the 5K and 10K started together so the atmosphere was brilliant. I will say however, if you are running this race for a personal best, start right at the front and try and run the road to the coast at a faster pace. This is to avoid being stuck behind someone slower on the cliffs, as a lot of it was single file running.

Bonus; At the end everyone got a medal, a llantwit 10K buff and a free session at llantwit major leisure centre. I was quite happy not to get a tech t-shirt for once (I have so many from over the years!), it was nice to have something different for my running stash.

I would say this race is for eveyone from the skilled trail runner, to the first timer to trail running! Remember there is also a 5K option for those not quite ready to tackle a 10K off road race just yet.

My Experience…

For me it did not go great. The first 5K I was on track for a personal best on the course. However during the last 5k the sun hit me hard. It was an extremely hot day and I had not hydrated during the days leading up to the race. I felt dizzy and sick, which meant I found it hard to keep running, so i lot of walking done during the last stage. I ended up running across the line in tears, feeling like I was going to throw up and extremely dizzy. I sat at the end of the course for a while trying to get myself back to normal. I finished 3 minutes slower than last year which was gutting but at the same time I could not have pushed harder.

Highlight: The views of the coast from the run were beautiful, especially on such a sunny day. Being able to run in my home town is also a plus as there isn’t many shorter distance races that are ran through Llantwit Major.

Lowlight: The heatstroke. I have never felt so ill during and after a run. It was my own fault for not preparing better for the day but it did take the pleasure out of the run.



Welcome to my blog. My name is Ellie Johnson and this blog is dedicated to my training journey in attempting my first 100 mile ultra marathon.

My interest in running was sparked at the age of 16 where I started running distances between 5K and 10K. I was a little thing back then, the wind would blow and push me along meaning I was well suited to the sport and felt I did well. Through the years I completed various 5K, 10K, half marathons, and then eventually completed my first marathon. So far it seems I was made for running and you’d assume that this training is going to be a walk in the park.


However, after many ankle injuries and having time off training, my attention was taken by Crossfit after watching some kick-ass women throwing large amounts weight about. I signed up to a local crossfit gym where I quickly forgot about long distance running. Fast forward 5 years, 3 stone heavier, and suddenly I decide I need a new challenge, because, why not?


I had already completed a marathon, so I had to decide on a bigger challenge because it isn’t really a challenge if you’ve done it all before. I toyed with the idea of doing a 50 mile or 60 mile challenge, but decided that if I was going to do that distance I may as well go the whole way to 100 miles. A logical thought, right?

Once I had decided that 100 miles was the sensible challenge to take on, I knew right away I wanted to do this to raise money for charity. It didn’t take me long to make a decision on the charity that I wanted to donate to, The Alzheimer’s Society.

The Alzheimer’s Society firstly fund research into finding a cure or treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (I will do a post surrounding this soon). Secondly, the charity use donations to help support individuals who are living with dementia and also supports their family and friends. Much of the support that these individuals can access needs to be privately funded, and therefore many do not get the support that they need without the Alzheimer’s Society.

This blog will expand on my training, the races I complete along the way and all about the amazing work the Alzheimer’s Society do for so many individuals. In the meantime please feel free to get in touch and donate by clicking HERE.