As most of you will be aware the main goal is to run my first 100 mile ultra-marathon at the beginning of May 2020. I’m doing this in aid of the ‘Alzheimer’s Society’ (click here to donate!).

My training has been doing pretty well for the past 6 weeks. I’ve gotten back on the trail running to start getting used to that again. Trail running is a completely different style of running to road running and I find that if I don’t put it into my training I struggle to get used to it come race day. My pace in general has gotten quicker without me realising it. It’s been all on the up.

However last week I managed to hurt my knee, without even doing anything. I had severe pain and swelling in my knee even from just sitting with it in a bent position. It may have been overtraining but I’m leaning more towards the drop in temperature. I have a history of joints hurting when the autumn hits. So all of the above positives have now started to decline (booo!).

Luckily after a week of no running or leg training, the pain has pretty much gone. I managed a half mile run over the weekend with no pain during or after. I still get the odd ache but I’m always in pain in some form or another so I’m not too worried about that. I’m nervous to start back on the plan to some extent as I know i’ll have lost some speed and stamina, even though it’s only been a week. Prayer to the running Gods for as little impairment as possible!

The plan going forward is to now carry on from where I left off with my training plan. Going to take it slightly easier this week to ease my knee back in and try not to over train. I have a race on Sunday so want to be in the best position I possibly can.

My next race is the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday 6th. The plan is to just take it at whatever pace feels comfortable on the day. No pushing harder than I need to make sure I don’t cause any more damage to the knee (if there is some there). I’ll be happy with a 2:00 – 2:10 half.

See you in 6 weeks for another update!

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